The First Six Weeks

Six weeks… It is hard to believe that much time has passed since returning to my second home here in Guatemala. Yet at the same time, I cannot believe how busy I have been and how many wonderful experiences I have had already. I want to share with those of you back home some of the highlights.

A HUGE blessing BuildinGuate was able to receive last month was a ministry van. We have been praying for a vehicle for quite a while as we had to rent a van or truck to get us to the dump (or wherever we were serving). The Lord gave us a 15 passenger van … a Hyundai Grace. And it just so happens the car dealer’s name was Mercy… a pretty cool reminder of God bestowing His grace and mercy on us that we can see every day!



On my second week I had the privilege of co-leading a team from Beach, North Dakota. They are a wonderful group of whom the majority has served in Guatemala many times before. It was a fantastic time. We spent 4 days in a mountaintop village called La Colina. It was my first experience there and I must say it was one of the most beautiful, captivating places I have ever seen. The village is about a total of 150 people of Kaqchikel decent. The people are welcoming, the kids are FUN, and the scenery is breathtaking.

IMG_441812694903_10206429212955989_9101489050273533968_o      12474010_895110883940719_4591186955683087811_o

During our time working at La Colina we were able to build two homes with the help of many villagers. It was so cool to work alongside those in the community. The work environment, while beautiful, was extremely tough. To get to the first work site required quite a hike, but then to get to the second work site (which of course I was at!) it was an even higher hike. We had to haul cinderblocks, 100lb bags of cement, large bags of sand, gallons of water, wood, and other materials piece by piece up the hill, over and over again until all the materials were on site. We Americans did haul a lot and we felt it, but the locals were so impressive. When we carried two cinder blocks at a time, the locals carried 4-6. We didn’t even attempt to carry the sand and cement up the hill. They just strapped it on their backs and climbed that hill repeatedly until the job was done.

 12698210_898707543581053_7765579814941955985_o   12658047_898773623574445_3005316792100715669_o

Both crews did a great job working together and accomplishing the goal we set to finish two houses in three days. I had a fantastic time getting to know those on my work site.


After three long days we were able to look at the finished products and bless the homes and families that were to live in them. It was a very special time. I look forward to being able to return to La Colina in the future!


The rest of the week we spent providing a soup kitchen at the dump and also feeding, cleaning, and getting sweet cuddles from some babies at a malnutrition center just outside of Antigua. I am so grateful to the folks from Beach, ND. They listened to God’s call to come and serve and with their help and obedience we had the honor to bless many people in the name of Jesus.

IMG_0925    12669444_10153874343955050_6960621865637462362_n

The following week we had a group of doctors from a group called ER Abroad that come through another organization, Love Guatemala. They put on a two-day medical clinic and were able to treat 160 people from the dump and surrounding communities. These ministries do a lot to help us at the dump and we are so appreciative of all the help and love they give to us.


Another ministry we are so happy to be working with is Potter’s Field. They do so much around the world and it is a blessing to have a base here in Antigua. We have had a couple of teams from Potter’s Field come this last month to serve at the dump.  The teams have helped us out by providing and serving soup kitchens, continuing construction projects and playing with the children. This last Saturday a group of 29 from Potter’s Field and 7 of our BG members teamed up to have a special day for the folks at the dump. We had a group put on a Kid’s Club activity with games, songs, a skit and coloring sheets. Another group ministered to the mothers, while three other groups worked on various ongoing construction projects (a couple of digging projects and installing stoves). It was beautiful to look around The Land of Hope and see so many different activities going on at once. It was an answer to prayer. We look forward to working with Potter’s Field Ministries more in the future.


I have had had such a wonderful time these last six weeks serving alongside so many brothers and sisters from so many different areas. I am continuing to learn the ins and outs of the ministry on an administrative level. I do ask for prayer in this as we are building up the infrastructure of the ministry and it takes a lot of time and effort to do so. Please pray for wisdom, energy, and the favor of the Lord to be in every aspect of what we do here. Pray that we never lose sight of our purpose which is to make disciples who will makes disciples. God bless and keep each and every one of you.




The Lord is clearly at work within this ministry. I am honored to be a part of it. If you are interested in learning more about BuildinGuate, visit our website at

If you are interested in joining my support team you can send contributions to:

South Tulsa Baptist Church
10310 S Sheridan
Tulsa, OK 74133

Specify that the contribution be allotted to the “MISSION ASSOCIATE – BLDG GUATE”.





3 thoughts on “The First Six Weeks

  1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful update, Annie. It’s so exciting to hear what God is doing both in you and through you, and how your willingness to serve Him is impacting so many lives.. You go, girl, and to God be the glory!!


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